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About Us

AdventKits.com provides Christian families with tools to enjoy God’s goodness and love throughout the year by creating hands-on visuals and thoughtful devotionals that encourage deeper engagement with God’s Word.

We are a small Midwestern town, family-owned business who believes the most important task any parent can do is to teach their children to love and serve Jesus.  All of our collections and kits will assist parents in accomplishing this goal.

When we became parents twenty years ago, it was our heartfelt prayer that  we would point our children to Jesus, one way or another, each and every day.  Sadly, some days it was more often by our poor example and desperate need for a Savior.  But many times it was through a fun activity or a book we were reading.  

Our very first hands-on visual consisted of a red plastic serving tray from Stuff-Mart, upcycled pill bottles and popsicle sticks covered with felt, and cut-out holly leaves hot glued together into a cluster.  Viola!  I give you a kid-safe Advent wreath complete with candles that could be "lit" each Sunday!  An old extra-large vitamin bottle served as the basis for the Christ candle.  Our kids loved pretending to light and blow out the candles every day.  From looking at the Advent wreath, one could never know what day of Advent it was because they played with it so much.

Next came a set of chopped up 2x4s that were painted with the characters from the Christmas story.  Our children loved having their own completely safe nativity to play with, perfect for tiny hands to hold.  Our younger daughter often took the Baby Jesus block to bed with her at night or would put Him in her doll cradle during the day.

And here we are, twenty years later.  Those feeble, beginnings were born of a very low budget but a very high desire to make Jesus known to our children in ways they could understand.  The felt Advent wreath is usually the first decoration our daughter puts out.  The hand-painted nativity blocks go in a basket under the tree every year for visiting children to play with.

Through the coming years, we will be releasing more and more sets to help you teach your family well.